Monday, September 14, 2009

Its STILL a Hawkeye State!!!!!

Well another one in the books. And thankfully we didnt make it much of a game this time as the Iowa Offense finally woke up a little bit in the second half after a horrible first half. The reason this game was won though was the continued domination by the Iowa D. To put it into prospective how well the D has played in recent years here is a fact for you, Iowa State has not scored a TD against the Hawkeye Defense since 2006, 14 quarters of football to be exact.

Offense- B+: I am going to separate this from Ricky Stanzi and give him his own grade. The Offensive line was a force this game as they gave Stanzi all day to throw the ball and opened up some huge holes for the running game. Great job by the offense

Ricky Stanzi- C: Stanzi continues to struggle with either getting t0o jacked up or just not throwing the ball well. He missed wide open receivers while having all day to throw the ball in the first half and in the beginning of the second half. He was throwing everything way high or leading his receivers to the wrong spots. He better get it together soon as sooner or later we will run into a team with a decent offense and we will get too far behind to catch up in the 2nd half as we have done the past 2 games.

Defense- A: See my statement above about not allowing a TD to ISU since 2006. ISU's QB's helped us look a little bit better than we actually were but you dont get that many INT's by being lucky. Good pressure for the most part and did a great job of keeping the mobile ISU QB off balance.

Special Teams- B: Donahue didnt look as good as he did against UNI but he also didnt get as many opportunities so Im fine with his play. Still need some work on our punt and kick returns though. Kicking game, well we didnt need them for anything but XP pretty much so that was nice.

Coaches- A: When you beat ISU Ill give you a A every time. Nothing much really needed to be coached in this game minus someone getting into Stanzi and settling him down as we were in control and didnt need to worry about 4th down calls or clock management or anything. I also thought it was nice to see them get Wegher in there and give him a shot. Paid off.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A "W" is a "W" no matter how ugly

Well it wasn't pretty and it was a whole lot closer than it should have been but a win is a win. I really do think this is a good thing cause I think it will give the Hawkeyes alot to look at and focus on in the future. Besides the punting game Iowa didnt have a whole lot a bright spots to look at in this game.

As far as grades go Id go with the following

Offense- D+: The Hawks offense really sucked and minus a few drives they would have gotten an F. Stanzi had about a bad as a game as you could and if Jake was still around he would have seen himself get the majority of the reps that game I feel but he ran off like a little baby so he didnt.

Defense- C-: The defense was okay and Spivey played like a First team All Conference player. He is going to be a stud. Anyway I thought our linebacking core which was supposed to be a bright spot was the biggest flop of all. The middle of the field seemed to be open all game long and they better get this figured out fast or it could be a long season.

Special Teams- B+: We did miss a field goal but it had plenty of leg and didnt miss by much. The 2 blocked FG's obviously saved the game and Ryan Donahue will be an NFL star if he can continue to kick like that every game. The return game was a bit weak but we still seem to be exchanging players here to find out who is going to work best.

Coaching- C-: I thought the Hawks coaching staff did a horrible job of managing the clock, going for it on 4th down without running out the clock at the end of the half, allowing Stanzi to snap the ball with 15-20 seconds remaining on the play clock when we were trying to run out the clock or at least I would think thats what you would want to do in that situation, etc. Just piss poor for the first game out.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Its time............

Well its finally here. College football season has arrived and more importantly Hawkeye football has arrived. I am pumped and will try to get on here weekly and give you my thoughts on how the Hawkeyes performed.

This Saturday the Hawks face the UNI panthers in what should be a laugher. UNI is one of the top 1AA schools in the land but this is Division 1 ball and the Hawks should eat the Panthers for breakfast. I see the Hawks winning by 28 or more.

The one thing that does concern me is our lack of experience in the backfield and more importantly the corner back position as we have had some injuries at both positions but should be able to pull through and make it happen in '09-'10.

GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!