Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl Props

So like most americans the one time a year I gamble on sports is the Super Bowl. Ok so I may gamble on more than just the Super Bowl but you get my drift. It was estimated that over 10 Billion, yes with a B, was gambled last year on the Super Bowl between the Patriots and the Giants. Like most people I normally just gamble on the line or the over/under but this year I am stepping into a new world of gambling, the Super Bowl Props.

So if you are watching the game with me and you see me get excited when Jennifer Hudson takes over 1 minute and 52.5 seconds to sing the national anthem you will know that I took the over.

Whats that President Obama mentioned the Pittsburgh Steelers before the Arizona Cardinals in his pregame address. Caaaachhiiiinnnnnggg. I took the Steelers to be uttered from his mouth first.

"Big Ben rifled that throw in there on the opening drive for a Steelers first down," says John Madden to the NBC audience watching the game. Thanks John you just won me some money cause I bet that you would refer to Ben Roethlisberger as "Big Ben" before the first quarter was up.

Please dont show Brenda Warner on tv in the first quarter for 2 reasons. 1) Who wants to see her latest lesbo hairdo and 2) because it will cost me 20 bucks if they do show her in the first quarter.

Those are just a few examples of the many Super Bowl prop bets that are out there for the Super Bowl bettors. So get online and take advantage of these fun prop bets while you still can and make the super bowl even more super. Well if you win that is

Monday, January 26, 2009

Road Woerriors

Well it was another disappointing road game for the Hawks and this one hurt more than most. The Hawks had the game well in hand from the tip and than decided to stop playing defense and stop making the extra pass to find the open man in the last 5 minutes of the game. I dont know what it is with the Hawks in the past few years but we cant win a road game to save our lives. We are 1-6 on the road this year and have lost most of our road games by more than 10 points. I know its hard to win on the road in the Big Ten or any conference for that matter but if we are going to "turn the corner" we have to win games like the Penn State game or the corner will never be turned.

I thought I liked Lickliter but now Im not so sure. The Hawks won the games they shouldve won early in the season but know we are lossing some games that we shouldve won. I know this is only the first year of his recruits and for the most part we look pretty filled with young talent but Im just sick of getting these small school coaches that took their teams deep into the NCAA tournament giving them a huge paycheck and then not even making the NCAA tourneys anymore. Didnt we get rid of Tom Davis because we were sick of just getting there? Now we arent even getting there and Im getting sick of it.

Hope things get better by next year. At least maybe we can make a run at the NIT and get some tourney experience.

Oh and on a good note the Hawkeye wrestling squad is still undefeated and throttled #7 Illinois last night and it was fun to watch.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Give it a chance

Well I was invited to attend an NHL game this past weekend to help celebrate my brother in laws 40th birthday. Not really being much of a hockey fan I really didnt have any huge expectations going into the game even though it was the Blackhawks vs. the New York Rangers. I havent been to a hockey game since I attended a Quad City Mallard playoff game 4 or so years ago and I think it ended 1 to 0 or something boring like that. Wasnt much action and pretty much if it wouldnt have been for the beer I wouldnt have had much fun at all.

So now that we have set the story let me tell you I am now a fan of the NHL. Im not exactly sure of the rules changes that they have made in recent years but let me tell you they have changed the game in my eyes. The game just seems to be so much more fast paced than in the past. It seemed as if there was a shot on goal at least once a minute. Plus now the overtime period isnt just a slow teeth pulling like it use to be most of time ending in a tie. Now they play 4 on 4 hockey for 5 minutes and if no one scores than it goes to a shootout to determine the winner. This was a great rule change even though it turned out to be the Blackhawks demise on this day as they got a pentaly called against them leaving it 3 on 4 and the Rangers wasted no time scoring on the power play to end the game. I used to follow the Blackhawks back in the days of Roenick, Chelios, and Amonte but havent really followed them since. Well I am going to follow them now. We dont get too many Blackhawk games on tv here but I will be sure to tune in when we do.

Watching the game from a suite at the United Center also may have tainted my view a little bit as well but I dont think so. I think I am back on the hockey bandwagon.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Farewell & Farewell?

Well after a great but boring victory over the lowly South Carolina Gamecocks in the 2009 Outback Bowl star running back Shonn Greene wasted no time letting his plans be known. The Doak Walker award winner is going pro. And at 24 years old and coming out the best running back in the nation can you blame him? As much as we all wanted him to come back for one more year it just didnt make sense for him to stay.

The one unexpected departure that may happen could be the departure of Kirk Ferentz. I know there are rumblings of him going pro every time we have a decent year but this time I am a little scared. If the Browns or Chiefs hire Scott Pioli as GM Pioli has made it known that Ferentz would be at the top of his list as a candidate for the vacant coaching seat. Pioli has worked with and is reportedly good friends with Ferentz from their past colaberation in the pros. Lets hope this doesnt happen as I think Kirk is a good coach even though I yell at him a bunch through the TV.

Well Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year and I hope 2009 is a great year for all.