Thursday, May 14, 2009

So Long Danny Boy

Well we say goodbye to Danny and say hello to a Adam Lambert vs Kris Allen finale. Man was I hoping that it was going to be Danny vs Kris but we all know the fix is in and Adam is going to win anyway. Our only hope is that the tweens get on their cell phones and run up their bills by calling and calling and calling to vault Kris past Madame (Pete's idea and a great one) Lambert.

Another bush league move by Idol last night was allowing Kate Perry to don an Adam Lambert cape. Another shameless plug for Adam. By the way how does Kate Perry get all the recognition she does? I understand the I Kissed a Girl song because well what guy doesnt like to hear about girls kissing each other? But all the other recognition cant be for her singing cause she was awful and I have always thought so. She should be glad she wasnt in the competition cause she wouldnt have made the Top 13.

So anyway talk to everyone you know and have them vote for Kris Allen next week cause I hate me some Madame Lambert.

On a side note go see Star Trek cause it was an unreal movie. I am by no means a Trekkie and I made fun of Star Trek cause it was stupid but man this movie was great. It doesnt make me want to go back and watch old episodes or movies of Star Trek but I will definitely be first in line to see anymore new ones that come out. Not only do I recommend seeing this movie ASAP I would also recommend adding it to your DVD or better yet your Blu-Ray collection. 5 out of 5 stars

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