Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Fix is in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well its top 3 time and I am seriously trying to drop my bias in that I hate Adam Lambert and that the judges are single handily crowning Adam king, but I cant cause I do hate him and the judges are brainwashing you.

Danny Gokey: Well poor song choice by Paula in the fact that Terence Trent D'Arby has only one song in "Wishing Well" and maybe "Sign Your Name" that anyone probably even knows (This was on purpose remember the fix is in) and as Danny read the text you could tell he surely didnt know it either. That said I thought Danny did a great job with the song. It did fit Danny's style very well but its hard to get into a song that you have never heard before as opposed to one you sing in the shower. Well the judges were not overly impressed by his performance and really hated Danny's dancing but what are you supposed to do when the title of the song is Dance Little Sister stand there and just sing it out? Big F you judges. Grade: B+

Kris Allen: Ok I as I have been told you should look at the whole body of work from Week 1 and Kris has had some bad moments but man this kid is finishing strong and in my book slow and steady doesnt always win the race and its the guy that finishes strong at the end that wins. I thought Kris absolutely killed this song just as he did last week and the high notes that the judges were hoping he would stumble on he did very well on for the most part. So we get to the judges comments and Randy is like man Kris we picked this song cause this is the kind of song that you could sell millions of records with. Then Kara comes in and bashes yet another contestant for not making the song "their" own and they both say he shouldve played the guitar instead of the piano? WTF? The actual song solely features the piano, what is he supposed to do to make this song his own? Then Paula doesnt give it a thumbs up which is the kiss of death. Simon did bash Kara and Simon a bit for their comments but still didnt like Kris's performance. F them I give it a.... Grade: A

By the way how much make up does Paula wear that she can turn half of Simon's shirt Flesh tone by simply brushing up against him?

Adam Lambert: Ok so since we are going with the fix is in theme Simon gets special permission from U2 to sing "One" for Adam, Danny gets a Terence Trent D'Arby song no one has heard of, and Kris gets a song they know he can do nothing with....hmmmmmmm lets see what the judges think of Adam's performance. Oh my god they love it, what a shocker. I thought Adam's performance of this song was just ok and I seriously am over his screamy high voice. He is a hell of a performer and know one will disagree with that but at the same time every one I talk to hates him so how is he winning? Cause the fix is in. Best song, best comments, best shot into the crowd of some flamer crying (sorry any gay people that read this but I dont think any gay people do except maybe for Andy). Paula even had a line written for her when she said that was "one" brilliant song, "one" superb performance. and "one" American idol that I am staring at. Paula can't even put a sentence together and she comes up with that? I don't think so. FIXED. Grade B-

Round 2: Performers Choice

Danny Gokey: Great song choice by Danny as he has that raspy voice that made Joe Cocker so famous and this should be good. What the F are you doing Danny. Dont like this slowed down version of "You are so Beautiful" at all. He shouldve rocked it out. He does have great vocals but I didnt like the performance. Judges some how are actually all on board with this version which isnt a surprise as we usually disagree. They have just set up the battle of the titans between Danny and Adam. Im expecting a Kris Allen bashing next. Grade: B-

Kris Allen: Oh Kris not a Kanye West song. I can already smell a great round of comments from the judges though as they are going to say he went out on a limb and played a song in "his" own way. Brilliant strategy Kris. Bravo. Well he is doing a great job with the song and its definitely unique but not my cup of tea. And just as I think I have this thing pegged the judges are all praising Kris and they loved it. Man I cant figure these guys out. They do the opposite of me every time. I think Kris may have just put a damper in Danny vs. Adam cause I think he just pulled out the perfect strategy to get the votes he needs.

Adam Lambert: I hate you, I hate you, I hate you....... Perfect song choice with a screamy lead singer like Steven Tyler but I think the back up singer was a bad idea cause she is drowning out Adams vocals. I dont like the screamy voice as you know but normally he is right on with the vocals and this time I actually think he was a bit off. Judges are on their knees once again and lets hope America doesnt listen to them as they just actually said vote for Adam Lambert. Never in this show have they come out and said vote for one particular artist and I think this is an all time low. FIXED. Grade: C

Ok this is an all time low for American Idol that the judges are actually pleading for America to vote for Adam Lambert. The great thing about this show is that America decides who wins this thing and they can form their own opinion. Lets hope its Danny vs Kris but it aint gonna happen.


Brian said...

I don't think I could have been more unhappy about the judges blowing Adam all night long...just disgusting. And then to come out and say vote for him...bush league. Both of his songs last night...and most all year long have been screamy, whiny, and to much like a song from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Hopefully Adam gets sent packing...cause he sucks.

Bigmage said...

thanks for commenting Duncan. I totally agree. See people even a man with a new born that is busy 24/7 has time to comment. Get on it.