Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back at it again

Well after taking a week off from talking about American Idol I received numerous dirty looks and e-mails about not blogging about last weeks American Idol. Sorry I missed last week but just didnt have the energy or time to do it. Back it again today though baby. Also please feel free to leave comments so the 2 other people that read this blog can find out what your opinion of who is the best and who needs to go home is. Yes Chris and Brian that means you.
Ok lets get it started with soon to be going home LIL ROUNDS

Lil Rounds: Well Lil is sporting yet another hairstyle tonight and Im pretty sure she must hold an American Idol record for most hairstyles and most fake hair used in a season by now. Her vocals are not the best as usual and Randy Jackson is trying not to get caught looking at her BIG rounds and Im not talking about her chest although I could be talking about them as well. Baby Got Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure who picked out this outfit for her but sexing it up aint going to save LIL. Her vocals were definitely off she sounds good on her big long loud parts of the songs but just misses out on other parts and its the end of the road for her. Man Lil is about ready to cry or go kick her some judges ass. Grade: C- WOW did you see the look lil's mom just gave the judges. Watch your back Simon.

Commercial Note: Can we please get Jared back into the swing of things or something cause I cant take anymore $5 footlong commercials.

Kris Allen: Unless Kris bombs big time he is through to the next round cause I think America already has its minds made up about who is going home and who is staying. This is the type of song the judges love from Kris cause he really mixes up a traditional song and makes it "his." I know we will get at least one or two mentions of this from the judges. Overall not his best performance but you know what they say slow and steady wins the race...... Or at least gets you thorough to the Top 4. Thanks for proving me right judges on the comments about being an original mix and thats why you love Kris. Grade: B-

Danny Gokey: Well since Danny has already wrapped up his spot in the Top 3 in my mind as long as he doesnt forget the entire song or drops over he is a shoe-in for the finals in my opinion. I know Ive said it before but he reminds me of Elliot Yamin from a few years ago to the T. He is one of the only contestants that has never had a vocal issue throughout the competition and its paying dividends for him. Well Danny tried to fumble up the song at the end but it doesnt matter he is through to the next round. Danny really does have a great voice and he is my vote for co-American Idol at this point with Allison. Grade: B

Allison Iraheta: Well speaking of my co-American Idol here is Allison Iraheta. Allison has some work to do because she has somehow been in the bottom 3 before. Kind of weird listening to a 16 year old asking for some hot stuff but the song works. Not sure why Randy and Kara are slamming Allison about the arrangement of the song. They say every week how they want people to be more original and she was and they slam her for it. Why are they trying to set my girl up for failure? I dont get it. If they want to get a girl into the Top 3 they better get on board with Simon and Paula cause we know LIL aint going to make it. Grade: B+

Adam Lambert: Well Las Vegas oddsmakers have Adam as the odds on favorite and I do think he is good but I hope he doesnt win. His voice will not sell records unless they somehow bring back 80's hairband rock in 2009. He makes a perfect Broadway singer where I believe he came from and I think he belongs there. He can get into character and sing different ways and act along with those different ways but he wont be selling records. I can see Allison, Kris, and even Matt getting record deals no problem but I see Adam having a hard time making it in the record biz. I just cant figure out what his target audience would be? It sure as hell isnt males in their 30's and I can see tween girls in his sights either. Oh my god that cut to Paula crying about made me throw up. If they dont slam him for slowing this song down its a conspiracy. Allison slowed down her song and got killed. Adam slows his down and gets praised. Grade: C I am going to make this prediction right now. Taylor Hicks sells more albums in his career than Adam does. The guy has a great voice but its just not for me.

Matt Girard: Matt has just signed his own ticket home I think without busting out the piano for this weeks performance. That is his bread and butter and I think he would want to bring the thunder after being saved last week. He has a ton more energy this week than he has had in the past but Im not sure this is going to save him. Im sure Simon will say it was very karaoke and unoriginal and the ending "Staaaaaaaaying Alllllllllllllive" from him was brutal. Buh bye Matt unless Anoop bombs. And I swear to you im typing this as it happens as Simon just said what I said he would. Well he didnt say karaoke he said desperate and original, close enough. Grade: C

Anoop Desai: I dont know what to think about Anoop. He has a great voice but just doesnt have the talent the rest of the guys have. He at least doesnt look exactly like a frat boy tonight. I think he could last another week with a great performance but that will be the longest he can last as if he doesnt go home this week he will be going home for sure next week. Matt should thank Simon for really slamming Anoop as it may have just saved him for another week but only time will tell. Grade C+

Well here are my predictions for tomorrow night and they havent changed since last week. Well after what Simon said at the end to Anoop it may have changed a lil bit. Matt, Anoop, and Lil are going to be in the bottom 3 for sure and if they arent I may have to stop watching this show. Originally I was going to say Matt and Lil were going to go home but I have changed my mind after the show for two reasons. Matt's fans will be hitting the phones 3 times as hard this week as they wont want him to go and Simon slamming Anoop at the end can be a kiss of death cause its the last thing people remember and may sway their votes. So buh bye Lil and Anoop

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