Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And This........Is American Idol

Well since Im all rested back up from Vegas and ready to go lets do another contestant by contestant review of the Top 8' performances.

Danny Gokey: Not a good song to lead off the show with oh wait thats a little bit better as Danny speeds it up a bit. I was not overly impressed by this performance mainly because of the song and not so much about Danny's vocals, but there is no doubt that Danny is going to be in the Top 3 and most likely in the finale when this thing is all said and done. Grade B-

Kris Allen: Kris is definitely on a roll coming into this performance as he has arguably had the best performances the past 2 weeks. This is a very different arrangement of this song but I love the horns and I think Kris has vaulted himself from being close to being voted off to closer to being in the Top 3. Kara didnt care for the arrangement but who cares she is just there for us to look at any. Judges didnt care for it except for Paula anyway who is looking good again tonight for the first time in a few weeks. Grade B

Lil Rounds: Well Lil gotta haircut and is looking good but the future isnt looking as good for Lil. She has struggled the last few weeks and is probably going to be in the bottom 3 this week wheter or not she has a good performance. The song was pretty good except its not showing Lil's range at all and she is probably gone. WOW. When Paula doesnt give you a good review its not a good thing. Grade C-

Anoop Desai: Well like lil I dont think it matters what happens with Anoop's performance tonight he is most likely going into the bottom 3. Lets see if he can do something to change our minds. Whats the deal with all these sappy songs that people are picking tonight. I mean how many times can we hear these same songs. Anoop doesnt do well on these kind of songs. His bread and butter is when he picks up beat songs he can have fun with. He has a great voice but he is never going to beat Danny and Kris with just his voice. Judges liked it but I thought it was just okay and is a very over done song. Grade C+

Scott McIntyre: Ok please please please vote this guy off. He has the same mono-toned voice every weekend and I cant stand it anymore. Oh my god its like finger nails on a chalk board when he tries to hit the high notes. Kara cant come out and say the performance sucked cause everyone is too nice to Scott. You cant be in the Top 8 and sing this badly. Go back to writing music and composing it cause you cant sing. Grade F. GET HIM OFF

Allison Iraheta: Still one of my favorites. I still cant believe this girl is only 16. I did just notice for the first time tonight that her bottom teeth are nasty. It looks like she has a dip of chew in her mouth. I hope its braces but it didnt look like it. But guess what, after she wins this thing she can buy all the new teeth she wants. I dont know how she has ended up in the bottom 3 at all but I hope it stops cause she is amazing. Not pleased with yet another sappy slow song but at least this one is bearable. She is freaking awesome. Grade B+

Matt Giraud: No piano again tonight for Matt which scares me as he seems to give his best performances when he is tickling the ivory. At least we have a little more upbeat song from Matt. The judges want to keep him around as they are big fans of Matt tonight. I thought the performance was just ok though because I hate when Matt gets all Justin Timberlake on the song like he did tonight. I think he sounds better without all the extra vocal effects or whatever you call that thing he does. Grade B-

Adam Lambert: Well after having to track down video of this performance on the net as my DVR cut off his performance I was impressed yet again by Adam's rendition of a song minus of course the horrible Ring of Fire fiasco. Adam is in the top 3 for sure and I hope its Allison and Danny that join him. I wouldnt mind seeing Kris bump Adam out but I dont think its going to happen. Grade B

Well Scott I am going to predict that you get voted off and I am going to continue to do so until my dream comes true. The only thing I can see happening this week that would be a shock would be that the judges save someone that gets voted off simply for drama factor and ratings. Not someone like Lil or Anoop but someone like Kris or Allison. We will see but I hope that Scott is gone.

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