Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wacko Jacko Night

Well the true competition for American Idol starts tonight. Lets see what happens tonight and if I can make some predictions as to who is going home and who might be the next American Idol. What better artist to start this off than with Wacko Jacko himself Michael Jackson. Let's see what Michael Jackson song's they pick and how they do. Will there be any crotch grabs?

Lil Rounds: Kicking off the night was Lil Rounds who arguably had the best performance of any performer in the opening rounds. Not sure this is going to be one of the best performances of the night but she definitely has a strong voice and doesnt ever have a problem with hitting her notes. Overall though this is just an ok performance in my book. Grade C

Scott MacIntyre: Well the stylists didnt do much for Scott's look but now that we are in the finals he is able to be behind the piano and he can definitely play but as I have told you many a time the dude cant sing. He had a few moments were he made the song a little more up to date but to me this was very churchy and I think thats maybe the crowd he is getting to vote for him. And whats up with him picking the most unrecognizable song from each artist he chooses? Keep the Faith? He will be back next week im sure but Ive yet to change my mind on him. Grade C

Danny Gokey: Danny is definitely this seasons Elliot Yamin and I see him in at least the top 5 and probably in the finale but its a little to early to call. Definitely the best performance of the show so far and the others better meet his energy. The dance moves need a little help but he can out dance Taylor Hicks and he was the champ so who cares. Great vocals and great performance. Grade B+

Michael Sarver: Well Michael can thank blue collar America for getting him into the finals lets see if he can help himself out and stay for awhile. Well honestly I didnt think Michael belonged in the top 13 but that was a pretty good performance. He has a great voice and ill be damned if he didnt change my mind. He does belong in this competition and that wasnt half bad. Grade B

Jasmine Murray: Well back to back performances by people that I didnt think belonged in the top 13. Michael changed my mind lets see what Jasmine can do. Well im not sure Jasmine changed my mind that much but she definitely stepped it up from the top 36 and wild card round performances. She was actually in line with Lil Round tonight but im not sure she can keep it up. Grade C.

Kris Allen: Another surprise advancer from the Top 36 in my opinion. Not sure why you need to play the guitar in this song but I guess it shows a little more musical ability to America. This is definitely a younger and fresher Kris Allen than we have seen but his vocals got a little too screamy for me towards the end. He gave a lot of energy but not sure the vocals will bring him through to the next round. Grade C-

Allison Iraheta: If you told me this girl was 16 I would tell you there was no way that she was a teenager let alone a 16 year old. She has such a mature and soulful voice. She is top 3 for sure and im going to go ahead and say she is the next American Idol. Hands down she is the girl to beat so far. Grade A

Anoop Desai: Probably one of the most popular choices from the Top 36 Anoop always brought a lot of energy to his performances and unfortunately he didnt bring that same energy tonight. The only problem I see with singing Beat It is that it didnt give him a chance to show off his voice as its a very loud and screamy type song. Anoop might be in trouble. Grade C-

Jorge Nunez: Wow! Jorge really surprised me tonight. He may have the strongest male voice in the competition and this was a great song choice for Jorge. I think he may even have out sang Danny Gokey tonight. I dont know what the judges were talking about I think they are trying to throw Jorge under the bus. Yes I agree it was an older style song but this is Michael Jackson week and when was the last time he put out a new album all of his songs are old fashioned. Wow the judges pretty much just voted him out of the competition. Grade B

Megan Joy Corkrey: Well this girl is hot and we can see where she got her great looks cause her mom is hot too. Unfortunately for Megan she has white girls disease and has no rhythm so the dance moves need some serious moves. Again this was a hard choice of a song to show off her vocals. Unfortunately for Megan I think her hotness has carried her as far as she is going to go. Grade C-

Adam Lambert: What a perfect week for Adam Lambert as his high voice fits Michael Jackson songs perfectly. Im not sure America will be able to put up with Adam's voice week in and week out but Im pretty sure he is safe this week. He definitely is an acquired taste but he does bring alot of energy to his performances. By the way Paula is crazy and I hope this is her last season and Kara takes her spot for good. The judges are making a case for Adam to make it to the top 3 but I dont think its going to happen. Grade B

Matt Giraud: Another chance for a performer to bring out their instrument where they are more comfortable. Matt is definitely a 100 times better when he is behind the piano then when he isnt. This was a great song choice for Matt and im glad he kept his choppy vocal work down to a minimum tonight. I honestly didnt think he belonged in the top 13 either but after that performance he seems to be here for awhile.

Alexis Grace: If you were going to seed the women in the competition Alexis is probably the 2nd seed and she did nothing to lower her chances to make it into the finale after her performance tonight. She has a very very very strong and powerful voice. Is there room for 2 rocker chicks in the top 3? Maybe. Oh and she is HOT!!!! Grade B+

Well its decision time. What 2 performers are we going to send packing. I cant narrow it down to just 2 so I am going to say 2 of the following 3 are going to be heading home. Anoop Desai, Jasmine Murray, Megan Joy Corkrey. Jorge might also be in trouble but not because of his performance in my opinion it was the judges comments that scare me about Jorge. Ryan and Simon hinted that there is going to be a twist tomorrow night so if that twist is the judges decide who is going home Jorge can kiss his behind good bye cause they hated him. If the judges do pick who goes home I say Jorge and Anoop are gone from the feed back the judges gave.

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