Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shockers and Wild Card Hopefuls

Well for the third week in a row I am shocked by who America has put through to the top 12. Getting the no-brainer of Lil Rounds making it through out of the way I'm truly shocked by the next 2 picks. Jorge Nunez and Scott MacIntyre. Now I'm sure by my blog last night you know I am not a fan of Scott. I think its great how much hard work he has put into his musical ability but singing is not one of them and this is a singing competition. Not trying to be mean here again either but I hope wardrobe does something with his hair and puts some sunglasses on him cause those wide eyes are a little creepy. Jorge wasn't as big of a shock cause I thought he did have a great performance last night and definitely deserved to move thorough to the next round but I didn't think America would put him through. The one bright spot in the results was that Nathaniel Marshall did not make into the Top 12 or receive a vote into the wild card round thank god.

The judges also announced their 8 wild card selections to come back and perform one last time for the chance to be one of the 3 remaining finalists. Von Smith (Group 3), Jasmine Murray (Group 2), Ricky Braddy (Group 1), Megan Joy Corkrey (Group 2), Tatiana Nicole Del Toro (Group 1), Anoop Desai (Group 1), Matt Giraud (Group 2), Jesse Langseth (Group 2).

Again I am shocked at some of the picks. I may eat my words as they don't show alot of the early performances in the Hollywood rounds etc but I don't understand how they bring back Matt Giraud and Jasmine Murray. I would've thought they would have brought back more than Von Smith from Group 3 cause I felt it was the strongest show, but that's just me.

My early picks to go through from the Wild Card round into the top 12 are: Ricky Braddy, Megan Joy Corkrey and Jesse Langseth only because she is Jonny Lang's sister and because currently there are only 3 girls in the top 12. I'm thinking the judges are going to try and even up the numbers a little bit and put 2 girls through and only 1 guy. Another dark horse would be Tatiana because she is the person that people love to hate. But why put her through if she is just going to get voted off right away?

We will see............

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