Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The results are......

Well the results show started off with the announcement that many of the idols were probably pretty excited to hear. The judges will have the ability to save a contestant from being eliminated if the unanimously vote that the performer should get another chance to come back and prove they belong. This can only be used until the top 5 are announced and the performer can only be saved once. So with that being introduced the first person voted off was Jasmine Murray and unfortunately for her the judges didnt decide to use their power to save her. I agree totally with this elimination as she was borderline Top 13 anyway in my book.
Now to Kanye's performance. Oh wait I fast forwarded through it cause I cant stand the dude so sorry there will be no critique on his performance although Im sure it sucked and that at some point in time he said he was god's gift to us all and that he is the greatest ever like he usually says about himself.

Next person voted off with the lowest number of votes came down to Jorge who the judges slammed and Anoop who seemed to have an off night last night but hasnt really been that impressive besides the fact he brings alot of energy. Man Ryan and Jorge are short by the way. Anoop dewarfs these 2.

After sneaking in a Kelly Clarkson performance of her new hit song Americas votes were revealed and Jorge is gone. I honestly didnt like that he was voted off as I thought his vocal performance last night was head and shoulders above Anoop but neither of these 2 guys were going to go very far anyway so who cares.

Just incase you hadnt figured it out yet the 4 up for elimination tonight were all wild card picks as America continued to call in for their favorites. I think you will see the wild cards be completely eliminated before any of the original top 36 main vote winners. The only chance for that to change would be if Megan Corkrey can pull ahead of someone cause she is so hot and would make a good artist if she can work on her stage performance.


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