Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Group 2 Gets Its Chance

Well its group 2's night to let their voices be heard so I figured I give you a run down as I watched each performance and let you know who I would have move on to the final 12.

1. Jasmine Murray- Nice voice but the judges are correct in that this song didn't give her a chance to use her voice. Grade C

2. Matt Giraud- First off its a Coldplay song so it throws me off from the beginning. Can this guy make his voice more choppy. Awful. Not a good vocal at all. Judges tried to get him the sympathy vote might be a wild card pick from them as they liked him from previous performances. Grade D

3. Jeanine Vailes- This girl has some serious lips. Anyway, I've heard better Karoke singers at the Tiddley Tap & The Rusty Nail. Yes that includes you Dave Stombaugh. Grade F

4. Nick Mitchell- Why is this clown even in the competition. America better not vote him. Richard Simmons may find this guy good but I don't get it. Grade F

5. Allison Iraheta- Has a very mature voice for a 16 year old. Hair has to go but so far she is my leading lady. Very good rock voice. Grade B

6. Kris Allen- Decent performance best male so far but that isn't saying much after Richard Simmons and Coldplay. Simmon said the chicks are going to love him but it looks as if he is married. Sorry ladies. Grade C

7. Megan Corkrey- Who dressed you and whats up with the 3/4 sleeve tat? You could be so hot but yet you wear that. I'm turned off and so far your song isn't doing it for me either. Is she shouting or singing? Ok overall it was a decent performance minus the shouting. If she lets someone else dress her look out this girl is trouble. Grade C+

8. Matt Breitzke- Nice to see him dust off a Tonic song. Unfortunately its a lil slow for him. He needed to go with a different song for sure. Male spot is still up for grabs with 2 to go. One thing Matt has going for him is he is like Michael Sarver in Group 1. He may get the Hard Working America vote. These guys got alot of camera time in the opening few shows and that may push Matt through as well. But I hope not after that performance. Grade C-

9. Jesse Langseth- Unique voice/Kinda Hot has a chance but I'm not sure she outsang Allison from earlier in the night. Her being mouthy isn't helping her either. Grade C+

Commercial Alert: Nannerpuss Denny's commercial is hilarious. You can call me Nannerpuss, Nannerpuss, and guess what I love pancakes. Gets me everytime. NANNERPUSS

10. Kai Kalama- Some parts of his vocals sound good but other parts don't sound good at all. He may have taken over the top male spot of the night so far though. Setting up well for the last male performer of the night unless he sucks big time he is a shoe in for sure. Grade C

11. Mishavonna Henson- Great song. Its definitely going to be 2 girls moving on to the top 12 from this group. She may be one of the two but its going to be close. Grade C+

12. Adam Lambert- As much as I hate this guy and his high pitched voice he is going to move on cause the other 5 guys were so weak. Don't like his voice but at least he isn't pitchy or have a crackly voice. Grade B+

Male- Adam Lambert
Female- Allison Iraheta
Wild Card- Megan Corkrey (Hotness factor wins out here)

Overall I think this is one of the weakest American Idol performance shows I have seen. Half of these people shouldn't have made it through to Hollywood in my opinion. WEAK


Sarah W said...

I agree wtih you on your assessment. Can't wait to see who actually gets picked tonight.

AZertuche said...

Dude that Norman Gentle guy is the best! I have no idea if he made it through but I hope he did.

Bigmage said...

I hope that is sarcasm I hear in your voice Z.

azertuche said...

Dead serious! I would love to see more of him. Funny stuff!